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Embryology 2017 commences!

After a crazy first half to 2017 I'm extremely excited to find myself at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. Rewind back to January and I was in the closing 3 months of my PhD thesis write-up, applying for jobs left right and centre and preparing for a round the world trip to present my research on an international platform. At the end of February I was in Hawaii for the ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting and in March I was in Brisbane where I paid a very quick visit to Bernie Degnan to talk shells. Back in Cambridge I polished and submitted my thesis and spent April-May working on the final manuscripts from my PhD research. Now it's June. I've started a postdoc in The Gillis Lab  and it's the first day of the world famous MBL Embryology Course (the MBL Embryology Course was established over 120 years ago, with six students and eight faculty becoming Nobel Laureates over the years).

Over the next six weeks we - the 24 students lucky enou…

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